With our preoccupied life, sorting mail to pull out important mail from junk is exhausting. While traveling, keeping a tab on your mail is next to impossible. 

Such circumstances call for reliable mail services where mail is received at a particular address, it is received by a trustworthy person, evaluated by him or her if it is worth forwarding you and you receive the same on time.

Well, your invocation has been heard and you have been blessed with virtual mail service!

What is Virtual Mail Service?

Under virtual mail service, a physical address is allocated to you which you can set as your permanent address for receiving mail. You can also opt for the service where your mail will be received in person by an authorized individual.

Mail scanning forms part of it. When your mail is received, you will receive a notification about its arrival. The envelope is scanned and emailed the same to you. 

You simply log into your mailbox via your smartphone, laptop, or desktop and choose from multiple options related to whether you want to keep that mail or not. You just have to press a button to permit any of the following:

  • Open the mail, scan it and documents (if there are any) and email it to you
  • Forward it all to your actual address
  • If it is junk then shred it or recycle the letter

Perks of Mail Scanning Service

  • Quick mail handling

It is very much evident from the above explanation of the virtual mail service that your mail or package is attended instantly. Not just this you also get the alert in no time. Taking a step forward, you also get access to the entire mail as and when you want thanks to high-quality Mail scanning service.

Furthermore, you can classify your mail easily and decide to read or get rid of them in just a minute.

If you set smart filters, you will never receive junk mail in a virtual box.

  • Improved mail security

Mail left unattended in the mailbox is subject to theft. It is not always that you are traveling due to which you failed to check your mail but also you could be too tired to do that on a daily basis or forget in general. Major crimes like credit card fraud are the result of this act.

The virtual mailbox ensures the safety of your mail. Not only your mail is attended immediately but also through mail scanning service you can access it promptly.

With mail scanning services, your mail is in safe hands and only you get access to the mail.

  • Online mail storage

Every opened and scanned mail gets archived automatically in the virtual mailbox. You can forward it, print it, or download it whenever you want. This way you do not have fear of losing critical mail. The best part is you get this for free!

Last but not least, with virtual mailbox service you can see the mail without moving out of your comfort zone. You can remotely access your mail from anywhere, and anytime.

So, this was all about mail scanning service.

NYC Virtual Office provides not just a mail scanning service but a complete virtual mail solution at a competitive price.

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