Running a business from your home sounds like a smart thing to do. It is convenient, saves money, time, but with all these good things running a home-based business has its share of problems as well. 

You have to face certain issues on the professional front. The challenges you face are in terms of creating a professional image. 

You cannot give your residential address for mail and packages as it neither looks professional nor it is safe. Similarly, you certainly can’t invite your clients your home for a meeting.

A home is a home and it cannot be substituted with an office. Therefore, this calls for a virtual office. A virtual office is no less than a godsend for home-based businesses, startups, and small business owners. It gives home-based businesses two of the most important things i.e. the address and meeting space.


Not giving your home address as your business address due to privacy is just one of the many reasons that people take virtual office services. 

Besides this virtual office offers several benefits. It adds credibility to your website when displayed in the contact us section. 

The home address can also get you in hot water as at various places in different countries it is not allowed to conduct business from a residential neighborhood.

Virtual office not only gives you an address for your website but it acts as a private mailbox service. You can get mail and packages delivered to this address. 

After seeking permission, an authorized person scan that mail and sends it to you keeping you updated when you are traveling or not available to receive the mail. Furthermore, the virtual office renders many more services including mail forwarding, package forwarding, voicemail, fax to email, and license posting.

Meeting Space

Let’s say you are somewhat comfortable in providing your home address as your business address for mail and package purpose, but you must be having second thoughts on conducting meetings at this address. 

Don’t you? Besides that, your client may also not feel comfortable attending a business meeting at a stranger’s place.

You may argue that there are no limits on the number of public places like Starbucks to carry out business meetings. It has a great ambiance suiting the purpose, round-the-clock wireless connectivity is offered and several other business owners (including competitors) conduct meetings there. 

Such places come with their share of problems. For one, this may prove to be suitable on some occasions, however, it may not convey a professional appearance all the time. Second (since Starbucks is your favorite), it is best suited for small networking coffee meetings and not presenting PPTs.

Public places lack privacy. You might also not want people around you to hear what you and your client put on the table (especially your competitors!). All-in-all homes are not conducive for business meetings and therefore, you need a virtual office. You can book a virtual office on an hourly basis and pay accordingly.

A virtual office gives your home-based business a corporate image. Also, you get a proper address and phone number of a location that is well-respected. The best part is this luxury isn’t pricey. You can afford a virtual office at a few dollars per month. 

NYC Virtual Office offers virtual office services that will come in handy if you run your business from home or anywhere but the office.

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