What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service for business owners, especially running startups or working from home, providing a range of business functions that can be accessed via the internet. 

Small companies or remotely working owners can have a proper office address and conference room while real work is being done from home. In other words, one can have a desirable location without actually being present at that location.

Benefits of Virtual Office

The virtual office lets businesses have many other benefits of a physical office without owning an actual desk or space.

  • Although you do not have a full-time desk at this place you can enjoy the facility of the meeting room. You can call your clients for project discussion and PPTs at this office address rather than Starbucks or home. Further, the dedicated office staff of the virtual office greets your client well in your absence.
  • Mail receiving, forwarding, and scanning services are also offered. So, whether you are working from home or traveling, you remain updated on the mail and packages. Further, you stay on top of your admin.
  • The voicemail service provides you with a real landline number. You are entitled to receive a limited number of messages which you can check anytime, anywhere. Also, whenever voicemail is received, you are notified via text message or email.
  • Fax to email number makes you look like a pro. You directly receive a fax into your email. You can read it, print it or forward it.
  • Last but not least, the virtual office business gives postal address service.

If you are wondering why we mentioned the most important point at last because that is what we are going to discuss further.

Where Can You Have A Virtual Office?

The virtual office aims at providing you a specific location that you can call your office location or share it as a professional business address. Now, this office can be anywhere on the planet. After all, it is virtual.

It can be in the same locality, city, state, or country. In fact, why only the same? It is your anywhere office and thereby, it can be very much in a different state or country. So, you might be working from someplace in India and your official office address could be that of New York City.

NYC Virtual office has been providing virtual office in New York City to local, national, and international business owners from the last thirty years. The address provided by NYC Virtual office is always on the world-famous 5th Avenue in New York. All the necessary services required to build a presence in the New York City market are rendered by this virtual office.

If you are planning to have a virtual office in New York City which is located in a prestigious part of the city and offers mail handling and meeting facilities, it is only a few clicks away!

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