When a business isn’t ready to invest in a physical office, it is left with two choices namely virtual office or post office box. In the present time, it is easy to rent a virtual office or a PO box, however, what is difficult is choosing between the two. 

The option of the PO box comes cheap as it doesn’t offer the same benefits as a virtual office. However, if your business doesn’t need anything more than a place to pick up your business mail then the PO box will do.

If you are wondering about the perks due to which virtual address is preferred over the PO box, then stop wondering and continue reading!

  • Professional Image

When you get a P.O. Box address, Customers presume that you might be broke or your business is low-budget because you will go for a post office address in case of personal life and not a future million-dollar company. 

Whereas, a virtual address gives an image of a physical office and shows that you are ready to invest to see your company succeed.

  • Get The Address You Want

In the case of a P.O. Box you get the available address, but when you choose a virtual office, you get the address you want. However best your business is, if you get a P.O. Box address in the not-so-good side of the city, your business is doomed. 

virtual address does exactly the opposite. So, even if your business has just started, a virtual office builds a shiny and impressive image for your partners and clients.

  • Get A Personal Assistant

Business hardly leaves anytime for you and it is impossible to be present everywhere or handle everything on your own. When you opt for a virtual address, you enjoy the facility of receiving & forwarding mails, and packages. You also get mail scanning, voicemail, fax, and other services from an authorized person. 

Your virtual office often ends up being your meeting point and the service provider has its team of professionals who attend to your guest on your behalf. So, a virtual address facility does not give a personal assistant but someone equivalent to that.

  • More Privacy

Unlike P.O. Box, a virtual address offers more privacy and security. You need not fret over a client, partner, or vendor showing up at your home unannounced. P.O. Box address offers privacy but not security. 

A curious case or weird soul can track you down and arrive at your personal address when you are least (or actually never) expecting them. And since the virtual office comes with (almost) a personal assistant, he or she will inform you if anyone wishes to conduct a formal meeting with you.

  • Office Benefits

P.O. Box comes with an address by a virtual office that comes with more than an address. It can be your place for business meetings and you save money that would have been spent in an expensive cafe. In other words, a virtual address screams professionalism and helps you win that client who is concerned not only with your work but also your workspace!

In conclusion, if you want to create a professional picture and you are looking for more privacy along with security, virtual address it is. Furthermore, if you need a virtual office in New York City’s fifth avenue with all the above perks, NYC Virtual Office has got you covered.

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