Generally, many people don’t know how to receive a parcel without giving an address. Nowadays, it’s rather simple and easy to get a package without giving your address. 

When placing an online order for items or when they simply don’t want to let the sender know where they are, people typically look for an answer to this issue.

For a variety of reasons, you might not want to accept packages at your house. Maybe nobody is home all day to accept the delivery securely. It’s possible that you’re out gift shopping and don’t want your family to know what you’re buying. 

Or perhaps you only reside in a walk-up apartment that disapproves of delivery. You might also discover that it is more practical to pick up your delivery somewhere else and bring them home yourself. 

More and more of us are buying online these days due to the convenience and variety of internet stores. Online shopping’s obvious drawback is that items need to be delivered to a physical address.

A great strategy to prevent having things delivered to your home address is to use Package receiving services. If you are worried about how to receive packages without giving an address, You can receive a package without giving your address in several ways. 

Here are some options for receiving your package without giving your address:

Package Receiving Service:

Online purchasing is just as common as traditional shopping everywhere. It saves a lot of time to browse the products from your home or place of business, read the reviews, and have them delivered to your convenience. FedEx, USPS, and UPS are reliable shipping firms that can deliver your packages on time. 

The increase in parcel theft, stolen items, and missed deliveries is another aspect of internet shopping. You will be more than unhappy if you discover that there are missing parcels from your highly anticipated order. 

Another difficult duty will be finding and tracing your lost or stolen packages. When a package receiving service is nearby, you won’t ever have to deal with lost parcels, package theft, or missed deliveries. 

You can always use a parcel-receiving service nearby, whether you are at home or not

Package locker system:

What happens if you want to receive a package without giving an address? If you prefer not to have your packages delivered to your door, package lockers are an excellent alternative. Some package lockers have no contact at all. 

Once delivery has been made, you can make arrangements for the delivery person to leave the product inside a locker at your convenience and then pick it up later. You can also use a staff-managed package delivery service for greater security. 

But bear in mind that if you select that option, you’ll need to be aware of the service’s operating hours to avoid attempting to pick up your delivery after it has closed.

Ask a neighbour for help:

You can ask a neighbor for help if you believe you won’t be there to receive your packages when they are delivered. 

When you are certain that your neighbors will be picking up your order, you can prevent package theft and missing deliveries. When you won’t be at home, you might also avoid giving the shipping service your address.

Get a PO Box:

Similar to a package locker, a PO Box, or post office box, is used more frequently for both mail and packages. Your mail is placed in a box by the mail carrier, who then locks the box behind them. Once your mail is delivered, you can let yourself into the box. P.O. Boxes aren’t exclusively for mail. Some are substantial enough to hold even bulky packages.

If you are confused about how to receive packages without giving an address, a PO Box is a great solution. A PO Box is fully contactless, similar to a package locker, and usually has better hours so you can pick up your items at a more convenient time. Before using one, it’s a good idea to check with your shipping provider. 

While a PO Box can be useful if you need a service that will handle mail and parcels for you, some companies won’t deliver to a PO Box and instead need a street address.

Send the package to your workplace:

The best option for giving out your home address when receiving a delivery is at your workplace. At your workplace, you are most likely to be present when your package arrives securely.


Nowadays, some people don’t know how to receive a package without giving an address. For them, here are some ways that can help them receive a package without giving an address. Use a package receiving service (P.O. Box, etc.). 

Get packages shipped to your local USPS location by using General Delivery. The package will be delivered to your local post office and held for 30 days before being returned to the sender. 

Make a friend at a local business and ask if you can use their address to receive a package. 

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