Digitization is increasing in recent times at top notch level. Isn’t it? Therefore it is essential to have a mail address to increase your business. Are you a small business holder or someone working from the remote areas? In order to expand your business it is very important to know the difference between a virtual mailbox and PO box. 

Making the right choice between the two can help to make out the significant difference in overall handling of mail. Here side you can learn the basic difference between the two to get better convenience and accessibility. 

What is a Virtual Mailbox? 

This basically represents a platform which handles the mail management without any particular physical location. It can help you to provide benefits with addition of physical address and proper handling of all mail. 

It can help you to get a flexible approach and convenient methods for mail management. You would get the virtual mail address of your own kind. It will fulfill all business requirements with integration of the physical and digital platforms. 

All the mails received in your account can easily converted to the digital format. After this, you can make access to it on online platform anywhere for better convenience. Even you can get the same mail with physical facility for forwarding. It is the best option for the virtual business landscape dealing especially from the website and online platforms. 

Features of the Virtual mailbox 

Access from anywhere 

The main feature for Virtual Office nyc is to get the access from anywhere. It is because the system supports for the access to service in laptop, smart phone, tablet or any other devices. Hence, you can stay updated with the work without any interruption. 

Convenience offered

Virtual mailbox can help a person to get a convenience to receive the mails sitting at any location. It totally eliminates the need to have physical presence while receiving the mail. Virtual mailbox scans the physical form of mail and provide it at online platform. Therefore you can make out its accessibility 24/7 as per your convenience. 

Digital mail management

You can find lots of facilities offered at the Virtual Office nyc. It can help you to get a organized mail with proper storage and even forwarding services. You can enroll for following services to get such benefits. 

  1. mail forwarding 
  2. mail organization 
  3. shredding 
  4. storage 

The virtual mailbox services is mainly important for following kind of business associated people. 

  • remote business 
  • expats and global nomads 
  • small scale business 
  • privacy factor 
  • travelling professionals 

What is the PO box? 

PO box is referred to as a Post office box. It can help a person to get a physical mailbox. This might come from the near local post office or any other commercial mail agencies offering the personal mailbox services. 

It lands to you with different compartments. It can help a business or any individual to receive the mails and different packages. It is considered as the traditional and reliable method for receiving the mails.

features of PO box 

In-person retrieval 

It is the most important benefit offered from the PO box. Here you can physical land to the PO office and retrieve the mails and parcels received in your account. You can prefer to reach the place anytime within the working hours of the office. It is best option for the people who like to handle the mails in personal. 

Privacy and security 

All the received mails and packages are kept with high security in office to avoid the risk of theft. Hence, it is best option when you need to receive any sensitive of confidential mails. 

Difference between the Virtual mailbox and PO box 

Mail handling and forwarding 

Virtual Mailbox  PO box 
Mails received here are scanned and uploaded on the virtual mailbox on online platform. After this, you can find options to access the mail even in physical form, or to forward it. Hence, it provides the flexibility and convenience to users.  All of the mails and packages are received at the office. You can prefer to collect it within the office timings. If you want to forward the mail then in this case you have to visit the place physically and make arrangement for forwarding of mails

Address format 

Virtual mailbox  PO box 
It is a kind of similar address with physical mail address attached with an PNB number. This address is considered more professional especially for the business holders. It is easily accepted for new business registrations.  PO boxes are landed with a standard type of the number. It might not provide you the professionalism when compared with physical street address provided in virtual mailbox. 

Cost comparison 

Virtual mailbox  PO Box 
You need to apply for the monthly subscriptions for enjoying the mail scanning and forwarding services. The overall cost might vary depending upon the services involved. It can provide benefits for both physical as well as virtual aspects.  Here you need to pay annually or semi-annual fees. It might differ depending upon the size of box and its location. You may also find extra fees for choosing the mail forwarding services. Digital facilities are not included here. 


You might now know the basic difference between a virtual mailbox and PO box. Both of the services provides benefits to the person connected with business. You can consider both of them can prefer to choose according to your convenience. 

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