Mail Receiving Services: Physical Address

In addition to the small business sector, also serves many private individuals. A large portion of our clients have discovered that our US mail receiving services are far superior to a traditional post office box. Rather than merely having a P.O. Box address, our postal mail receiving service provides each of our customers with a unique, physical address at which they can receive their items and packages. Many parcel delivery companies lack the ability to deliver items and packages to a post office box. The availability of a physical address ensures that you will not miss another delivery. The physical address is not just any mere address, we provide each client with an address on one of the most recognizable and reputable streets in America...5th Avenue, New York City.

Postal Mail Receiving and Forwarding Service

Do you get tired of making daily runs to pick up your mail at the post office? Another great benefit of's mail receiving services is the option to have the mail forwarded directly to your home from our office. Each piece of mail that is received at your distinctive 5th Avenue, New York address is processed and can easily be forwarded on a predetermined day of the week. Unlike the postal mail service at the United Stated Post Office, mail does not have to wait for the recipient to pick it up. We even send you an electronic notification stating what mail you have received so that you are aware of what mail is being sent to you before you even receive it. Of course, for the traditionalists that reside near 5th Avenue in New York City, we still welcome you to stop by our office at your convenience for mail pick-up. To start receiving mail at your new, prestigious address, check out our available personal mail receiving plans.

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