Instant Credibility: Virtual Address For Business in New York

When it comes to business locations, all addresses are not created equal. A recognizable virtual business address gives a company instant credibility and stature. supplies a virtual office address on 5th Avenue, New York. Let the reputation of the 5th Avenue commercial district enhance your company and put you one step ahead of the competition.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. However, your small business does not have to settle for a small image. provides the needed image to compete with larger companies in the commercial market.

A Virtual Office Address

Whether fair or not, the unfortunate fact is that other companies and potential customers judge businesses based upon location and address. Don't settle for just any address or mail receiving service use our complete virtual office service. We will provide you with a virtual office address that your competitors will envy. Each company receives its own 5th Avenue, New York address. All mail that is received at the virtual business address will be processed, and an electronic notification will be sent notifying the customer that mail is ready for pick-up or forwarding. If you are local, and prefer to pick-up your mail, we invite you to visit us during our regular business hours to retrieve your mail. If you are out of town, or would prefer not to pick up your mail, we will gladly forward it to you. For an added touch, add our voice mailbox service for a minimal monthly fee.

Voice Mailbox Service: Total Package

Acquiring a 5th Avenue address is only one piece of the puzzle for the total business image. Compliment your prestigious address with voice mailbox service. This service provides each company with its own New York metro area phone number to match the address. All of your messages can be e-mailed to you in an audio file, or can be retrieved via telephone.

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