Handling mail has never been so convenient, thanks to the Virtual Mailbox Mail Scanning services! Individuals and businesses have greatly benefited due to the ease of access, convenience, and affordability that these services provide. Receiving, analyzing, sorting, scanning, forwarding, archiving – all of these require a great amount of time that our busy lives make all but impossible.

What is Mail Scanning?

While mail receiving and mail forwarding are commonly used, there is little awareness about mail scanning. Mail scanning allows mailbox customers to access their mail online using their email account.

Customers enjoy the convenience of performing various actions like shredding, archiving, and forwarding using just a few clicks.

How does Mail Scanning work?

Once a mailing address is provided to you, all your packages and mail will be delivered to that address. Mail will be scanned and uploaded to your virtual mailbox portal. The system will send you daily notifications by email related to all your mail so that you do not miss out on any of the items.

You only need a computer system/laptop/mobile phone along with an internet connection to check the status of your mail. It’s simple as that!

Once you log into your online mailbox portal, you’ll find multiple options to handle your mail. You can choose to forward, archive, and sort the mail quickly-without visiting the facility.

What are the benefits of the Mail Scanning Service?

  • 24×7 online access to your mail
  • Electronic scanning ensures mail security
  • Eliminates mail theft
  • High-quality imaging
  • User-friendly and Convenient
  • Promotes easy organization of mail

With so many advantages, Mail Scanning Services are an essential component of your Virtual Mailbox package. If you have not yet opted to avail of the service, you can try Mail Scanning Services by NYC Virtual Office. The service is just $20.00 per month in addition to the mail receiving plan. For more details, visit NYCVirtualOffice.com or you can contact them by email at service@nycvirtualoffice.com